A Discord bot that’s kinda cool that’s being updated frequently, written in Ruby

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CahBot Commands

Command List

Owner Commands

Command Description
^restart Pulls that fresh code and runs it.
^die Kills the bot, without pulling any code or anything.
^eval Like you don’t know what eval commands do…
^set (avatar|username|game|status) (args) Sets stuff

Moderation Commands (in the works)

Command Description
^ban (mention) Bans the mentioned user and deletes 7 days worth of message history.
^say Makes the bot say something, the invoking user (and bot). Require the manage message permission.

Fun/Misc Commands

Command Description
^info Shows you some info about CB, or something
^rnumber (low num) (high num) Gives you a random number between a given range
^help A command telling you to use ^cmds
^cmds Shows a list of commands
^eightball Ask the 8ball something.
^userinfo Shows some information about you
^reverse Reverses Text
^flip Flips a coin, what else did you expect?
^flop Flips a coin, but doesn’t actually.
^ping Shows response time
^servercount Returns the number of servers CB is on.
^invite Gives you a link to invite the bot to your server
^roll Rolls a 6-sided die.
^donate Donate to CahBot!
^feedback Sends feedback to CB Server.
^trello The Trello Board.
^noot I didnt make it dont ask me, probably a meme.

More Commands coming soon!